Health Care Facilities

You can rely on the experienced commercial electricians at Memphis Electric to work efficiently on all health care facility projects.

Health Care Facilities

You can rely on the experienced commercial electricians at Memphis Electric to work efficiently on all government projects. Whether your government facility needs electrical maintenance, upgrades, or full installments, we will make sure all projects are completed with the utmost care and attention to detail. Properly working electrical service is vital to any building, especially government buildings, which need to function seamlessly with minimal disruption. Our team of electrical experts will make sure your government project is completed in a timely and efficient manner to keep things running smoothly. It is our goal to keep your project on schedule and within budget. We are able to provide a wide range of electrical services that encompass all areas of electrical needs for government facilities.

Safety First

When we say our electricians are experienced, we mean they know the ins and outs of working with dangerous electrical components. Electrical wiring should be left up to the professionals. We do not take safety lightly. We put a strong emphasis on performing projects in the most professional way possible, always adhering to rules and regulations regarding electrical work. We will comply with all building codes and ensure that OSHA standards are met for a safe work environment from the start to finish of our electrical services. Our electricians are trained extremely well and know safety is especially important in their line of work. We take pride in knowing we have taken the necessary precautions to prevent any injuries or damage.

Age Matters

Although there are certainly new, up-to-date government buildings, often government facilities have been around for many decades. Due to a facility’s increase in age, electrical components will need to be examined well to ensure everything is in good working and safe condition. With the development of new and improved electrical equipment and standards, comes the increased need for comprehensive assessments, replacements, or additions.

Panel Replacement

The electrical panel is the hub of your facility’s electrical wiring and power source. Therefore, it needs to be checked and upgraded accordingly by professionals like those at Memphis Electric. Your building’s electrical panel can be complex and overwhelming to say the least. Allow our professionals to make sure it is performing correctly and safely

Complete Electrical Remodels

You can rest easy knowing your building’s electrical is up to date and able to perform at a high level. New wiring and other electrical components can make a difference in the efficiency of day to day activities within a government building, especially with high volumes of electrical usage

Electrical in New Construction

Not all government electrical projects are upgrades or replacements. Our skilled team of commercial electricians is well trained in code requirements and electrical needs of government projects. Memphis Electric will comprehensively assess each new construction project and implement the most cost effective and beneficial layout of electrical components specific to your project.

Specialized Equipment

We realize that every government project has its own electrical requirements and needs. Memphis Electric will work hard to make sure your project goals are met by developing the best plan for electrical usage. We provide specialized equipment specific to the electrical needs of your project. When we perform electrical services, we make sure they are done effectively and that our customers are completely satisfied. Specialized equipment gives you the optimal electrical service required for your project.

Contact us today at Memphis Electrical to discuss the electrical options for your government project. We look forward to answering any questions or concerns you may have regarding electrical and government projects and will provide the high quality and dependable service you are looking for. Whether your project is local, state, or federal, we are well equipped to handle any government projects needing electrical services. If you are in the Memphis area, you can look to Memphis Electric to meet your electrical needs as we guide you through the process of our successful electrical services.